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Uniform Policy

Board Approved June 13, 2013

Uniforms are mandatory for all students attending Concordia Parish Schools and must conform to Concordia Parish School Board Standards.

Students must present themselves in the approved uniform daily.  The school administrators will make all final decisions on dress code compliance.  Questions regarding the appropriateness of school uniforms should be addressed to the appropriate site-based administrator.  All clothing and shoes must be worn in the manner meant by the manufacturer.  All uniforms must be of the standard uniform type.  The uniform must be in the correct size to avoid sagging.



Vidalia colors are red, white, and navy.

Shirts or turtle neck—red, white or navy with logos.

Pants—khaki or navy.

Shorts, skorts, jumpers, or skirts-khaki, navy or plaid (#55).

Sweatshirts-navy, white, or red with logos.


Ferriday colors are black, gold, and white.

Shirts or turtle necks—black, gold, or white with logos.

Pants—khaki or navy.

Shorts, skorts, jumpers, or skirts – khaki, navy or plaid.

Sweatshirts—black, gold, or white with logos.

Monterey colors are white, maroon, and gold.

Shirts or turtle necks—white, gold or maroon with logos.

Pants—khaki or navy.

Shorts, skorts, jumpers, or skirts- khaki, navy or maroon plaid.

Sweatshirts-maroon only with logos.


Concordia Parish Academy of Math, Science and Technology

Shirts or turtle necks-orange, aqua(sapphire) or grey with logos.

Pants-khaki or navy.

Shorts, skorts, jumpers, or skirts-khaki, navy or plaid.

Sweatshirts-grey only with logos.

HEM LENGTH: shorts, skorts, and skirts must be knee length or longer.  Pants should not touch the floor.


PANTS:  There should be no label on pants or shorts.  No corduroy, denim/jean cut, or cargo/painter pants or hip-huggers will be allowed.  Pants should not have external pockets or “patch pockets.”  The pants should not have buckles on the back nor pockets down the pants leg.  All pants and shorts should have belt loops.  Overalls should not be worn.  A pair of khaki pants DOES NOT constitute a pair of uniform pants. 


SHIRTS:  Will be tucked in at all times so that the belt is visible.  Any exterior piece of clothing should have a school logo on it.


BELTS:  All students must wear belts.  The belt must fit into all of the belt loops of the pants and/or shorts, and must be buckles at all times.  No part of the belt may be hanging at any time.  Only true belts - no sashes or ribbons.


SOCKS or STOCKINGS: Must be worn.


JACKETS/COATS:  No particular coat is required; however, trench or long coats are not to be worn to school.  A jacket/coat is defined as an item that buttons or zips at least all the way down the front.  Long sleeve shirts including oversized plaid, flannel, or pecan shirts are not to be worn as jackets.  Appropriate printed colored hoodies with a school logo or screening may be worn.  If you have questions it is suggested you check with the site-based administrator before you purchase. 

SHOES:  No particular shoes are required; however, beach, pool, house shoes, sandals or crocs are not to be worn at school.  It is suggested that students wear tennis shoes or loafers.


T-SHIRTS:  Only a solid white t-shirt may be worn underneath any uniform shirt.  Printed or colored T-shirts are not to be worn to school underneath uniform shirts.  A solid uniform colored turtle neck can be worn under any uniform shirt.  Sweatshirts are to be only worn as the exterior piece of clothing.


JUMPERS:  Are to be of the uniform type and should not be denim.


TRANSFER STUDENTS:  A transfer student has ten (10) days to be in uniform.


It is the ultimate responsibility of the parent to adhere to the Concordia Parish Uniform Policy.


No other clothing is permissible without the express permission of his or her site-based administrator.


*The final decision as to the appropriateness of school attire rests with the site-based administrator.


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